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We are a creative agency located in Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas.

Creative Consultation

Let us help you grow your team, and streamline your production .

Creative Writing

We love to not only tell stories on video, but we also love to write stories. If part of your campaign involves editorial / print, let us help you communicate with your readers.

Video & Film Production

Our team of award-winning individuals will make you a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted Narrative. Now that’s a lot of hyphens!

Targeted Marketing

What do you do after we create you this awesome video? Let our team help you maximize it’s reach on the web.





Be excellent today. Perfect is a myth.  

Gary Molander – Pursuing Christ, Creating Art


We are constantly creating greatness, and growing on what we do. Being that we're new, it will take some time to populate proprietary video content with the Hatchett Media Brand, but here are some samples of previous projects we have done.


Our Reel

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The Team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Chris Hatchett

Chris Hatchett

Founder / Executive Producer View Details
Taylor Dyer

Taylor Dyer

Art Director / Production Assistant View Details
Jason Bright

Jason Bright

Writer / Development / Producer View Details
Chris Hatchett

Chris Hatchett

Founder / Executive Producer

Chris, 32, grew up in the metroplex and has spent the past 8 years in the TV & Film industry. His co-workers and friends call him The “Big Idea” guy. Known to stretch the possible, Chris spearheads his team of immensely talented artists.

Taylor Dyer

Taylor Dyer

Art Director / Production Assistant

“Taylor recently graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Film and Digital Media. From set construction to art design, costumes to props, Taylor has experience in all facets of production design. During her senior year, she worked as the one-man Art Department for six graduate students’ thesis productions. Taylor enjoys the challenge of bringing all the details together to enhance the viewer’s experience.”

Jason Bright

Jason Bright

Writer / Development / Producer

Jason is a bit of a “Swiss Army Knife” doing many different things inside one company. He has worked in film, television and advertising for over 16 years both in Hollywood and Texas. He has been the Director Of Development for well-known producers in LA and has worked on films such as Black Hawk Down. He loves producing photo shoots and his writing, which includes film, television, copywriting, editorial and all genres in-between, has even somehow managed to win some awards along the way.

We are good at

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more stories, more commercials and at least some more twizzlers. As a result we continue to grow in our skillset.

Web Design
Logo Design
  • Chris, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and hard work. You’re helping me grow and nurture something I care deeply about. I’m seriously grateful. This is the dream I’ve been building. This is the company I own. 

    Rachel - CEO Punch Presence

    Rhonda Sweet - Food Curator (Sweet Moses Brands)
  • Chris has an amazing eye and vision – he caught incredibly intimate moments of my daughter’s wedding that even we, as parents would have missed – worth every penny and fun to work with!

    Jenee via Facebook


Punch Presence
Compassion For Humanity
Sweet Moses

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Helping Entrepreneurs share their story with the world.

“Talk about it” is a platform for you the entrepreneur to get your story out there. Whether you need something quick and simple to attach to your crowd-funding campaign, or you just simply want a concise way to communicate your idea, THIS is the platform you need. Here are some examples of the fine companies we’ve had the pleasure to support.

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